2024 AAA/ Majors/C-Prep Information

AYL AAA/Majors 2024 Season information



Online team registration for the AYL league begins December 1, 2023 (contact Raptors Baseball Director for team pricing). Teams must be fully registered online by Jan 15th. Returning teams from the previous season will be granted higher priority over new teams wishing to play AYL League/ Raptors baseball. 

Effective 2024 season, Raptors will allow/accept independent baseball teams to play AYL league (see AYL baseball roster rules). Please contact the Raptors Baseball Director to find out team fees and registration deadlines.

2024 AAA/Majors Season Overview (Ages 8 - 14)

  • League games will start in the last week of March 2024 for all ages, games will be played Monday through Thursday. The league has determined the nights of play by age, they are as follows: Tuesday's ages: 9 & 10, Wednesday's ages: 8 & 13 and Thursday's ages: 11 & 12. However, games can be played on any weeknight available. The league will attempt to over-schedule games on all playable days/dates within the online described league calendar (listed on the AYL Baseball homepage).  
  • Ages 8 and 9 AAA/MAJ league games will conclude with Championships played in mid-June 2024.
  • Ages 10-13 AAA/MAJ league games will conclude with Championships played in early June , 2024.  
  • There are no bye requests for regular season or playoff games.  
  • Any team that is unavailable for the playoffs or World Series due to outside tournament conflicts or travel will be removed from the end of season AYL playoffs.
  • The division size(s) (number of teams) will be determined by the AYL BOD. All teams will be reviewed and seeded to determine the appropriate participation level for each team.
  • At the conclusion of the regular season play, all teams will participate in a single elimination playoff. The playoffs will begin in late May and conclude by the end of June. Trophies will be awarded to the top 2 teams participating in the World Series game. There are no trophies for regular season finish.
  • The above described season is subject to change at any time by the AYL Baseball BOD.

Pricing for a team wanting to play AAA/Majors within the AYL AAA league is as follows:

8U and 9U AAA/Majors are $5500 per team

10U through 13U AAA/Majors are $5000 per team

C-PREP (14U) AAA/Majors are $4800 per team


 AAA / MAJORS - Basic Information

Practice Commitment: 
  • AAA / Major teams receive two (2) 90 minute practice slots in or around the Castle Rock area per week. If additional practice times are available, they may be requested at an additional fee.   
  • Head coach may issue additional indoor/outdoor practice outside of the Raptors schedule at their cost to the team.
  • Practices are not scheduled on game nights
  • Please arrive to practice on time as teams move on and off the field on the hour
  • Practice schedule is updated weekly and sent to the head coach and designated assistant coaches for communication 
  • Canceled practices by the Raptors due to weather or game related make-ups will not be rescheduled unless optimal
  • Practice schedule will change when permit availability changes monthly
  • We do our best to ensure that team practice slots are consistent; however, there are times where you may be switching fields and times that were different from the prior week/month
  • There is no trespassing on any field that is locked
  • If weather is inclement, please call the weather line (Douglas County or Town of Castle Rock) for updates
Game Commitment:
  • AAA teams will have one game scheduled per week on the following days with the AYL season: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 
  • Teams do have the potential to play double headers when scheduling presents that need.
  • All game changes are updated and posted in AYL Baseball website
  • AYL Baseball is committed to the experience of the season and will cancel games at it's discretion with weather related issues
  • AYL will reschedule weather related cancelations pending schedule optimization and will post through League Athletics site
  • Most coaches ask athletes to arrive one hour prior to game time to warm up
  • Most games are scheduled at either 5:30 or 7:30 - daylight savings may effect game times to earlier or later for fields with no lights, or high school schedules
  • Raptors territory home game fields are Metzler's and Douglas County Fairgrounds
  • AAA / Majors teams plays against other club member teams in the AYL, and could be other teams within the Raptors territory
  • Games are held around the Denver metro area
Team Formation:  All Athletes Must Try Out For Team Placement
  • Returning head coaches are granted returning players to their team
  • Roster availability for new athletes is designated by the head coach. Raptors excutives will have no bearing on placement on AAA teams as the team coaching staff will have the final say on roster.
  • New head coaches interested are required to fill out coaching documents including application and subject to background check
  • Coach receives immediate access to roster to begin communications 
  • Teams at this level are not required to wear Raptors uniforms or gear
  • If athlete does not make a AAA/Majors team, they can still be placed at the AA level
Levels of Competition:
  • AAA National: Teams that compete at this level have advanced through the AA American season, or head coach has selected athletes for their roster to play at this competitive level. Teams at this level of play also compete in weekend tournaments around the state and potentially out of state.  If the team wins the AYL World Series at the National level, they must move up to American the following season. 
  • AAA American: Teams at this level have advanced experience. They compete in the AYL season in additional tournaments around the state and may compete out of state. The next advance after this level is Majors.
  • MAJORS: Highest level of play. These teams are the most elite and play at the highest level for the season. In addition, teams at this level travel to compete in tournaments around the state and out of state. 

Pass-Thru teams

Please note 2023 was the last year for pass through teams with Raptors. Our AYL programs have gown to the point where teams will be required to play within the AYL to have access to practice facilities.

  • A pass thru team is any team that is wanting to rent practice facilities from Raptors without playing in AYL's AAA league.
  • If Raptors does not hit our projected number of AYL teams for 2024, then pass thru opportunites will open up in February 2024.


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