Financial Policies

Raptors Baseball Refund Policy

All registrations are 100% non-refundable.

Payment Policy

All registered players are expected to have their season dues paid in full at time of registration. If a player registered during early registration but not paid for by the end of early registration (12/31/2023) then they will be subjected to the full registration cost which goes into effect on 1/1/2024.

Any unpaid registrations will be cancelled and removed from the system within 48 hours of completing the registration. 

Non-Payment Policy

All active players must be paid in full at time of registration. If a AA player is not paid in full prior to the start of practice (March 1, 2024), the player will be removed from any active roster. Any player signing up after March 1st, will have their fees due in full at the time of registration. If those fees are not paid or have arrangement to pay them, then access to your teams games, practices, tournaments will be suspended. Any outstanding fees owed at the conclusion of the AYL World Series will be due by the Friday after the AYL AA World Series has concluded (6/21/2024). If any outstanding fees are not paid by that date, Raptors Athletics can and will send the outstanding amounts to collections. Raptors can and will also suspend the family's ability to participate in any Raptors sanctioned or funded functions including (but not limited to) games, practices and tournaments for the foreseeable future until the outstanding debts are paid.

Forfeit policy

If your team is the cause of a forfeit, AYL will assess a fine for the forfeit ($100 for regular season games, $200 for playoff games). There will also be field use and umpire charges that will be assessed as well. These fines and charges will be split amongst the families responsible for the team having to forfeit. The forfeit fines and charges will be added to the account of those responsible for causing the forfeit. If the forfeit occurs during the regular season, those players will become ineligible to play until their forfeit fines and charges are paid and they will be subject to reoccurring charges and fines if they refuse to pay the charges and fines resulting in further forfeits. If the forfeit occurs during the playoffs (causing the end of the team's season), the fines and charges will be added to that players account and due within 90 days of the forfeit. If the fines and charges are not paid within 90 days, then the outstanding balance will be sent to collections.


To show appreciation of our head coaches for volunteering for the position, Raptors Baseball will compensate these individuals by offering a 100% discount on their players fees for the season. However, Raptors baseball loans out baseball equipment to the head coaches on the understanding that the equipment will be returned at the conclusion of the season. Head coaches must pay for their season of baseball the same as any other player. At the end of the season, the coaches can opt to notify the Director of Baseball that they will return to coach the next year and hold on to the equipment. Or, they may return the equipment and have their season fee refunded. If the equipment is not returned or the coach fails to finish the season, they will forfeit the paid fee as a replacement deposit for the equipment.  

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