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1. I will remember that I am at a contest to support my team and to enjoy the skills and competition; not to intimidate or ridicule any fans, officials, or coaches or players from my own team or the opponet.

2. I will encourage the athletes to play with integrity and by the rules. Remember that children learn best by example, so applaud the good plays of both teams.

3. I will show a positive attitude toward the game and all of the participants, not just those on our team.

4. I understand that profanity, swearing and abusive language will not be tolerated at any event or in any communication with coaches, umpires, or officials.

5. I will emphasize Sportsmanship through verbal and physical behavior.

6. I will not embarrass any athletes by yelling at the umpire for what I think is a bad call. I am also not allowed to question or hassle an umpire during or after a game. I will allow the coaches to handle all officiating matters. Remember you are a role model for your children, display good sportsmanship.

7. I will support the officials on and off the field. This approach will help in the development and support of the game. I will also report any officials and provide feedback to my AYL delegate if there are issues that arise during a game.

8. I will applaud a good effort in both victory and defeat, and enforce the positive points of the game.

9. I will not coach my child from the sidelines during practices or games. Allow the coach to do his/her job. I will recognize the importance of coaches. They are important to the development of athletes and the sport.

10. I will be a positive role model during and after all practices and games. I will remember that being a spectator, participating in athletics, and being a coach in the dugout is a privilege, not a right.

11. I will not engage in any physical altercations at a game or practice. I realize if I were to get in a physical altercation, that I will no longer be allowed to attend AYL and Raptors sanctioned events.

12. I understand that if I am ejected from a game, even as a fan/parent/assistant coach, that my team’s head coach is also ejected. If I am ejected due to my own actions, it will result in a minimum three (3) league games suspension played by that team. Upon being suspended, I may not attend or be on the premises during the entire duration of the games played.

13. Parents wishing to confront a coach about a coaching decision must wait 24 hours after a game or practice. This allows time for emotions to calm down. If you cannot resolve the issue with the coach you may contact the Director of Baseball. You are expected to make these contacts at reasonable hours (9am to 9pm) unless other arrangements are made.


Any misrepresentation of the Raptors Athletics Mission Statement or Violation of any statement within the Raptors rules acknowledgement, Code of Conduct or Core Values will result in a verbal or written warning, possible ejection, suspension, and up to removal from the Raptors Athletics Baseball program with forfeiture of any and all potential fees paid. All misrepresentations or violations will be reviewed and outcome will be adjudged by the Raptors baseball executive committee and/or the President and Vice President of Raptors Athletics.