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INTEGRITY - Knowing and doing what is right

  • BE COMMITTED: Set high standards for your behavior and stick to them even in difficult situations.
  • BE COURAGEOUS: Stand up for what you believe is just and good.
  • BE HONEST: Choose words and actions that are sincere, not misleading.
  • BE DISCIPLINED: Remain dedicated and self-controlled, even when challenged.
  • BE RESILIENT: Learn from mistakes and losses; seize the opportunity to improve.

RESPECT - Treat others the way you wish to be treated

  • BE ACCEPTING: Support everyone's worth and dignity, regardless of background, abilities or beliefs.
  • BE CONSIDERATE: Always be aware of and honor others' rights and feelings.
  • BE ATTENTIVE: Be ready to learn from everyone including coaches, officials, players and other contestants.
  • BE ENCOURAGING: Demonstrate concern for the growth and development of all athletes.
  • BE APPRECIATIVE: Value the guidance of supportive parents and coaches.

RESPONSIBILITY – Embrace opportunities to contribute

  • BE HELPFUL: Understand and advance the team's goals.
  • BE CONSCIENTIOUS: Be aware and thoughtful of the choices you make.
  • BE ACCOUNTABLE: Accept that your actions impact everyone around you.
  • BE PERSEVERING: Work through difficulty and discouragement in pursuit of individual and team objectives.
  • BE RELIABLE: Prove that others can depend on you.

SPORTSMANSHIP – Bring your best to all competition

  • BE COOPERATIVE: Join teammates, opponents, coaches and officials in mutual quest for excellence.
  • BE FAIR: Compete skillfully, guided by the letter and spirit of the rules.
  • BE GRACIOUS: Savor the challenge of a tough competitor and meet it with your finest performance, win or lose.
  • BE HONORABLE: Respect the game and everyone's contributions.
  • BE HUMBLE: Take success in stride - share the credit.

LEADERSHIP – Inspire passion and motivation to others

  • BE EMPOWERING: Inspire and help others to grow, succeed and lead.
  • BE VISIONARY: Raise expectations for yourself and the team.
  • BE INTERCONNECTED: Recognize the vital link between individual effort and group achievement.
  • BE GENEROUS: Freely contribute hard work and support to reach the team's goals.
  • BE ENERGETIC: Initiate action - do what needs to be done.

Any misrepresentation of the Raptors Athletics Mission Statement or Violation of any statement within the Raptors rules acknowledgement, Code of Conduct or Core Values will result in a verbal or written warning, possible ejection, suspension, and up to removal from the Raptors Athletics Baseball program with forfeiture of any and all potential fees paid. All misrepresentations or violations will be reviewed and outcome will be adjudged by the Raptors baseball executive committee and/or the President and Vice President of Raptors Athletics.