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Raptors is thrilled to be entering our third year of partnering with Front Range Baseball Academy (FRBA)!  It has been very rewarding for FRBA to work with these young ballplayers and see them develop in this sport we all love.  Front Range has assembled a comprehensive set of programs this winter to help your ball player develop their skill sets.:

  • Winter Session I consists of 6 weeks of programming with sessions offered 4 days a week. FRBA has assembled the schedule to exclude the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.
  • There are two Infield/Outfield sessions per week held on Mon/Thu.
  • On Sunday we will focus exclusively on Hitting and Throwing sessions.
  • FRBA will mix in an additional midweek session on Wednesday for players that really want to improve their ability to Pitch/Throw.  Combining this session with the Sunday session will give your player a very comprehensive focus developing their ability to throw the ball at an exceptional level
  • Winter Session II - 8 weeks of programming offered on Sundays beginning January 16th and ending March 6th.

Our programs offerings have been designed so that your player can safely participate in any or all of these sessions.  The focus of each session is different and protecting the arms of these young athletes is very important to both Raptors and FRBA.

So grab a few friends and come get better with us at Front Range Baseball.