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Raptors Nation - We are really excited to partner with Sandlot Baseball for our 2020 Winter Training!! Below are the details to this 8 week winter package.  This is an optional, but highly encouraged training program to get your athlete ready for the spring season.  Registration will be available beginning October 1st along with the 2020 spring season offering.

Register today - https://www.leagueathletics.com/Registration/Restrictions.asp?RegID=192176&n=130852&org=raptorathleticsbaseball


Raptors Winter Training Program:

  • Duration: 8 weeks beginning the weekend of January 11 and ending the weekend of February 29
  • Session days: Saturday will host 4 sessions and Sunday will host 3 sessions
  • Training session structure:
    • 2 hour practice sessions
    • 3 teams per sessions
    • 40 minutes of offensive training
    • 40 minutes of defensive training
    • 40 minutes of Strength and Conditioning
    • Each team will rotate through the three group phases
  • Cost per player: $325


Program Overview



Hitting | Pitching |  Fielding |  Footwork/speed/agility  |  Base Running  |  Team Concept (Communication)  |  Leadership




·         Developing a swing to create consistent hard contact in a gap to gap approach

·         Two strike approach

·         Count and situational hitting

·         Mental imagery

·         Game preparation






·         Proper leads and angles

·         Steal reads and jumps

·         Ball dirt reads

·         Game strategy to being a good baserunner


·         Proper Footwork

·         Throwing mechanics for appropriate position

·         Drill Instruction for each position

·         Game strategy


·         Blocking and Receiving




·         Arm care

·         Developing a pitching motion to consistently throw strikes and prevent injury.

·         Drills too create more velocity

·         Instruction in game philosophy

·         Development of mental strategies to create success



Brad Hill Baseball


Career Highlights:

15 years NCAA DI Head Coach - Kansas State University
9 years NCAA DII Head Coach - Central Missouri State
4 years NCAA DI Assistant Coach - Kansas University
3 years NJCAA Head Coach - Hutchinson Community College

Career Bio:

Brad joins Sandlot from Big 12 Conference Kansas State University after leading the Wildcat program for 15 years.  He is a 32 year college coaching veteran and has experience at the Junior College, NCAA Division I and II levels.  Brad also played at the NAIA level and professionally in the Texas Rangers Organization for 4 years.


Colorado Performance Factory



At any age, at any level, baseball/softball are a physically and intellectually demanding sport. By focusing on speed, power and agility we can give every player the tools to be more successful on the field, regardless of their position.


SPEED: Baseball/Softball is made up of intense bursts of speed. Success or failure is tied directly to an athletes' ability to increase or decrease speed in just a few steps.


POWER: Hitting with explosive power is developed by improving rotational strength and stability. Pitching velocity is increased by strengthening the acceleration and deceleration muscles used for every throw.


AGILITY: Body control is essential for making a defensive play. An efficient player must be able to shuffle, sprint, step, reach, change direction, move backward and jump to successfully field a ball.