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We as Raptors Athletics Baseball do our best to communicate as much as possible to our coaches and parents.  This section relates to updates and items that were approved or discussed by the AYL Baseball board.  If you have any questions or concerns, including items that you would like the AYL Baseball Board to address, please reach out to:

Raptors AYL Delegate, Scott Burgess: scottbburgess@msn.com


AYL Meeting Notes | April 2018




I wanted to follow up with you all on what was not a very good start for AA season in regards to the umpiring situation. Due to several factors, we are still experiencing a shortage when it comes to finding umpires. I can forward you all several links upon request that talks about why we are experiencing this problem both nationally and within our state. Although we had some games canceled on Saturday at various AYL sites due to the weather from Friday, we did in fact have some games canceled because the organization the AYL hired to officiate our games, did not have them numbers to cover all of them. We are very aware of the situation and understand this is just not acceptable. We  discussed late into the night last night solutions on how we, the AYL, can help remedy this. Attending the meeting last night was a representative from CSOA as well to work with us so we can do everything we can to make the situation better. To start, the board approved a measure last night to raise the rates in which we pay for every age group for games. We are hoping by paying more per game than the tournament entities we are competing with, it will entice these umpires to come work AYL games instead. We will see how it goes this weekend but I wanted everyone to know that we realize this is a problem and are in the process of doing what we can every week to help remedy the issue...




Scott Burgess




AYL Announcement | August 8, 2017


Attention: to all AYL sport participants, coaches, parents and baseball officials.

Subject: 2018 AYL Umpire in Charge (UIC)

“AYL is please to announcement by unanimous board decision the confirmation of Robert Wilson and CSOA as our provider for baseball officials for all AYL games and tournaments for 2018.  It is with great excitement we welcome back Robert’s team and us all working together with a shared commitment to provide youth baseball players the very best experience’s possible.”


Danny Nourse, VP of Baseball, AYL.