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2022 AA Season:


General Info:  In Arapahoe Youth League (AYL) AA teams will play in their own divisions (National-lower level & American-higher level).

Season Practice Start Date:  Starting the week of February 28, 2022


Season Game Start Date:  April 1-2, 2021 Preseason will be the first weekend followed by league play starting April 8-9, 2021 


Season Game End Date:  July 1, 2021.


No Play Dates:  Easter Sunday, Mother's Day & Memorial Day Weekend.


Ages Offered:  6U & 7U (Coach Pitch), 8U (Modified Coach Pitch), 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U & 13/14U.


Approx Number of Games in Season:  Fourteen - Twenty Two (14-22). Games will be overscheduled to allow for as many games as possible without creating the need to reschedule potential games lost due to weather related issues.  

The following is excerpt from the AYL as to the schedule logic for the season: The season starting in Early April for all ages, games will be played Friday - Sunday.  The league has determined the days/nights of play, they are as follows: Saturday (one game), Sunday (one game) and Friday's (make-up games).  The league will attempt to over-schedule games on all playable days/dates within the online described league calendar (listed on the AYL Baseball homepage).  


Format for League Games:  Saturday and Sunday (generally, teams will play two games per weekend).  If needed the league could put make-up games on Friday's or Monday's.


Format for Championship:  Two (2) games/double elimination playoff with a single elimination championship game.


Number of Practices per Week:  Two (2) 90-minute practices per week within the town of Castle Rock from March - June. Optionally, teams are permitted to practice more than two (2) times per week if practice times are available.


Age Determination Date:  Age as of May 1, 2022.


Cost to play for 2022 (6U-7UAA Coach Pitch):  $375 Early Bird (October 8 through December 31, 2021), $425 (January 1+). Second child discount of $20 dollars per player applies if registered at the same time.


Cost to play for 2022 (8U-13/14UAA Kid Pitch):  $400 Early Bird (October 8 through December 31, 2021), $450 (January 1+). Second child discount of $20 dollars per player applies if registered at the same time.


Refund requests:  All refund requests through 1/15/2022 will be issued at 75% of the registration fee paid due to AYL and administrative costs. After 1/15/2022, the registration fee is 100% non-refundable even in the event of (but not limited to) a delayed or cancelled season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Location of Games:  Local area and greater Denver area fields.


Returning Player Deadline:  December 31, 2020 (If you played Raptors AA baseball in 2021).


Registration Opens:  October 8, 2021.


Registration Deadline:  First come, first served and/or when teams are full. If registration fills, then a waitlist order will be provided. 


How to Register:  Interested players should register and pay online by clicking on the registration button on the home page of Raptors baseball.

PLEASE NOTE: Weekends that show no games does not mean it will not have games, weather does impact baseball and games will be loaded on available weekends for play.  

  • At the conclusion of the league game schedule, ALL TEAMS will be seeded for the double elimination playoffs. Teams will play until they have lost twice with the exception of the championship game. Playoff games will begin Mid June 2022 with the World Series played late June at (TBD) with all games completed by July 1, 2022.  
  • Please Note: All seeding is done by the AYL baseball board.



  • The above described season is subject to change at any time by the AYL Baseball BOD.



Raptors AA - Basic Information

Practice Commitment: 
  • Teams practice twice a week for one hour locally in or around the Castle Rock area.  ​
    • Please arrive to practice on time as teams move on and off the field on the hour
    • ​Practice schedule is updated weekly and sent to the head coach and designated assistant coaches for communication. 
    • Canceled practices due to weather or game related make-ups will not be rescheduled.
    • Practice schedule will change when permit availability changes in late spring.
    • We do our best to ensure that team practice slots are consistent; however, there are times where you may be switching fields and times that were different from the prior week.
    • There is no trespassing on any field that is locked
    • If weather is inclement, please call the appropriate (douglas county or Town of Castle Rock) weather line for updates
Game Commitment:
  • There are two games per weekend and can be scheduled on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Most teams will have one game on Saturday and one game on Sunday per weekend during the season
    • Games are held around the south Denver metro area
    • Raptors teams plays against other club member teams in the AYL, including other Raptors teams
    • Raptors home game fields are the Douglas County Fairgrounds fields and Metzler Ranch
    • Most coaches ask and athletes are expected to arrive one hour prior to game time to warm up
    • AYL will reschedule weather related cancelations pending schedule optimization and will post through League Athletics site
    • AYL Baseball is committed to the experience of the season and will cancel games at it's discretion with weather related issues.
    • All game changes are updated and posted in League Athletics
    • All teams in AA will participate in the season end double emlimination tournament. This is not optional and it is expected that the athlete will be available to play with their team through the end of June 2022.
      • ​It is expected that any summer vacations will not be taken until the conclusion of the baseball season.
Team Formation:  There are no try-outs for this level, however evaluations    will be held in mid january to make sure players are assigned to the          appropriate level.
  • Returning head coaches are granted returning players to their team
    • Returning Head Coaches will recieve a discount on their season fees for graciously volunteering to coach
    • Returning assistant coaches will also recieve a partial discount for returning to assistant coaching duties. 
      • Roster availability for new athletes to returning coaches is screened based on registration questionnaire, playing assessments and matched accordingly with communication of the head coach prior to placement
      • Athletes will be added to roster once notification of confirmation is received
  • New head coaches interested are required to fill out coaching documents including application and subject to background check
    • ​New Head coaches will recieve a discount on their season fees for graciously volunteering to coach
      • Coach receives immediate access to roster to begin communications 
      • Team roster is filled based on registration questionnaire and 
  • Once a team/s for a particular age group are full, interested athletes will be rostered on a wait list
Levels of Competition:
  • AA National(Intermediate): Athlete has experience playing with and has more  than a beginner knowledge base of the game. Athlete must have an advanced beginner skill set who is looking to become part of a more competitive and committed team.  This is the next level up from recreation baseball. If your athlete has not played recreation baseball, that is where they should start. The exceptions to this is brand new players at the 5U-9U levels with no prior experience. After the 8U year, we reserve the right to evaluate the athlete and suggest recreation baseball as our 10U-14U national league levels are not for true beginners or those with a minimum base knowledge and skillset.  We will not cut anyone from the program, but we will make suggestions based on those evaluations and we want it to be very clear that AA baseball is not usually the best starting point for true beginning players in 9U and older. If the team wins the AYL World Series at the National level, they must move up to American the following season.
  • AA American(Advanced): Athlete is experienced with at least one prior season playing in the AYL, or coming from a higher competitive level. The athlete must possess a higher-than-average skill set and have through awareness, knowledge and understanding of the game.  Athletes need to be more committed and willing to building a stronger skill set to be more advance.  The next advance after this level is AAA.